The UK signs $2 billion in arms deal sales to Saudi Arabia

Britain's arms deals with Saudi Arabia have come under scrutiny after it revealed the cost of the agreement. Critics have slammed Britain for selling arms to a nation with human rights issues. 

The UK sold $2 billion  arms worth to Saudi Arabia 

Britain has approved a $2 billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia after the emirates ban on sales acquisition was lifted in 2020. Critics of this deal have slammed both countries calling them '' insensitive and immoral '' due to the Yemen war. 

This report was made by the Department of international trade on Tuesday evening and come days after the US leader Mr. Biden said the country will not support '' any offense '' by the gulf country against the Yemen rebels. 

It was expected that Britain being a US ally would follow, but UK officials have refrained from taking such a move. The UK policy on selling ammunition to Saudi Arabia was active in July 2019 when a high court ordered the government to stop sales because the country could use such weapons wrongly. 

The government insists Saudi Arabia doesn't possess a high risk in human rights 

Also, a government review inquiry has said, there are few violations by Saudi Arabia, but that the Saudi military doesn't pose much 'risk' in human rights breach. British officials said in June 2020, that the country will start selling weapons to Saudi Arabia, which is the highest arms buyer in recent years. The arms sold by the British government to Saudi Arabia include missiles, bombs, and assault rifles of diverse makers. 

However,  a group against selling arms to Saudi has said it is 'unfortunate' that they could still be selling arms to nations like Saudi Arabia. The group further said the records of Saudi Arabia in Yemen are bad, and they have caused severe humanitarian crises in the war-torn country, how can the UK justify their action? Even the US, a world power has stopped selling weapons, why isn't the UK doing the same?

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