Facebook's management has taken to court for 'Careless data management'

Facebook has been accused of negligence in the management of users' data. The social network has been sued millions in damages for allowing their information to be used for marketing purposes. 

Facebook to pay millions over '' Data negligence'

The tech giant has been sued for not managing the information of millions of users in Britain. The 'crime' of Facebook was the alleged mining of data for advert purposes during elections. A prominent media practitioner, Peter Jules who championed the suit, said his data has been hacked and used for marketing purposes. 

However, Facebook has told reporters that there isn't any proof that any of its user's data has been sold to Cambridge Analytica. The prosecutors are going to argue that Facebook lost control of its data management of users' data information and wants compensation for all users affected. 

Mining Facebook account holders' information by various apps were the core of this Cambridge Analytics scandal and have been exposed since 2019. The Cambridge Analytics application on Facebook has 'stolen' information of users who interacted with it and those who didn't give it access. 

The prosecuting law firm is Hausfeld who is standing for affected 'Facebook users'. According to Mr. Jukes, he doesn't want this theft to rear its head again. The suit wants damages from the tech giant over the inability to follow the Data Act of 1997.

Facebook denies the charges, ask for proof 

A Facebook spokesperson said

'' After careful investigation by  Information commissioners into some problems, which includes reviewing data of the Cambridge Analytic computers, there isn't any proof that any user's information was used for advert purposes. '' 

However, Mr. Jukes has said it is more than what they used the data for and where it was sent, but Facebook 'carelessness'. They didn't care about their users. This isn't the first time Facebook has been charged because in September 2018 they were fined £450,000 for participating in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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