Why is it important to check your contact database?

Contact database verification is a process that ensures a certain degree of validity of the emails collected before using them for a campaign. So how important is it to check your contact database? Read on to find out how important contact verification is to the success of your mailing campaign.

Improve your marketing results

The process of improving your engagement through email validation seems easy. The reason to use an email validation service like https://captainverify.com/ is to ensure that every email on your list is genuine. So, by ensuring that your list contains fewer invalid addresses, you will have more unopened casual emails, which will tilt the data in your favour. In addition, email verification is in line with the safeguards that are put in place to limit the difference between spam and phishing scams.

It can save you time and money.

Email address verification eliminates invalid email addresses when sending messages, saving you valuable time. It also saves you money on your campaigns. By verifying your contact base, you ensure that you are sending your campaigns to valid addresses and therefore investing your money correctly without wasting it on invalid addresses that will not receive your email.

Maintaining a good reputation 

Sender reputation is important for the success of your campaign because if the user or prospect complains that they have not accepted to receive your messages then your sender reputation will be compromised and will be a big block to your email deliverability. So only send marketing messages to users and prospects who have given their green light. Indeed, adopting the double opt in would be useful as it means a double confirmation of subscription to your mailing list. Moreover, when a user or prospect enters his email address in the form which is a first confirmation after his subscription to your newsletter. Also, they receive another form asking for their subscription or email address, which is the second confirmation. Finally, it is important to inform users about the type of email, and when they will receive it.

A good quality contact list

Your contact list evolves over time, some no longer use their email address, others no longer want to receive email marketing. Thus, you will have to update your databases to ensure good deliverability of your emails while managing bounces by sorting inactive addresses. Also, you will need to remove recipients who have not opened your emails or clicked on your links in recent months. Also, avoid sending emails to old contact lists that you haven't written to in months. Finally, manage complaints and unsubscribe them.