Why choose the Urban Bivouac hotel for your stay in Paris.

Have you been to Paris and are looking for a hotel in which to spend your stay in comfort and tranquility? The 3 star Urban Bivouac hotel will seduce you for its charm and discretion. The services offered by this luxury hotel are second to none.

What are the services offered by Urban Bivouac?

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important that those reading this text have an idea of the geographical location of Urban Bivouac. The latter is located in the 13ᵉ arrondirent and at the level of 1 rue Sthrau. It is on the rue Tolbiac that it is more precisely located. It is surrounded by the train stations as well as the subways. At Urban Bivouac Paris 13, you will not be bored at all, because there are several activities that you will be able to do without forgetting the multiple events that you will participate in. This hotel was completely renovated in 2018 with the most precious materials, which makes it very comfortable. From the Urban Bivouac, you will observe the exciting aspect of the environment and landscape. There are a total of 32 rooms in this hotel and which are moreover very well equipped. Luxury and comfort are the order of the day in the rooms of the Urban Bivouac Hotel. You will find free wifi, smart TV, in-room coffee machine, etc.

How do I book a room at Urban Bivouac?

The Urban Bivouac hotel is very popular for its perfect setting and its high-standard rooms. You can't just walk into this hotel and expect to find a room. You have to make a reservation first. It is not complicated to book a room at Urban Bivouac. You can either contact the customer service by phone or go to the hotel's website to book your room. After booking a room, you can cancel it if you have a problem.