Why buy a smartwatch ?

The first function of a connected watch is to give the time, naturally the basic function is there, to which the manufacturiers have added a whole panoply of functions and possibilities to discover in this article.

Additional functions of the connected watch

A tool which is becoming indispensable and used as extensions to your smartphones, connected watches can also run applications independently by allowing additional features and services. For useful information about GPS, weather, timetables, traffic, this watch is perfect. click to read more imagine that you have a plane to catch ? No problem, your connected watch informs you of the times of the next train / bus to get there and gives you the route in GPS mode to find the bus stop. A very handy feature in pedestrian mode. Of course, before leaving, you could easily check the weather forecast. Once at the airport, you will show your digital ticket on the screen of your watch which will allow you to get in. The applications also allow you to personalize your watch by choosing different dials and displays.

Connected watch with a variety of functions

By connecting your watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, you can receive all notifications directly on your wrist, which means you don’t have to take your phone out : calls, read SMS, Facebook notifications, email, your watch displays all these notifications to you. Your watch apart from the aesthetics provided provides you with very important daily functions. So, it is first and foremost an extension of your smartphone. Then you can install applications to add functionality. Finally, they are widely used by athletes. The extension of your smartphone is better understood here. Currently, the main function of this type of terminal is to extend your smartphone screen onto your wrist. Designed to allow you to follow all the notifications from your smartphone, connected watches are often dependent on it. Of course, there are models that are able to do without them completely thanks to the integration of a SIM port and a 3G / 4G module, but they are often expensive and remain very rare in the market.