What should I know about bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency. In other words, it's a digital asset that has been secured by cryptography. Although these virtual currencies are not physically available like coins or banknotes, they can still be exchanged. So, using it as a means of payment will be possible. In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about bitcoin.

How it works

For its operation, it uses blockchain technology, which is an information transmission and storage technology. The aim is to bring sellers and buyers together. To find out more, click here. All in transparency and security. Although blockchain is designed to structure large volumes of information, it is not an ordinary database like any other. To this end, it takes the form of a set of interconnected blocks managed by electronic devices. Each block contains information that can only be modified once it has been saved. In other words, when a new piece of information arrives, the block is sealed with one computer code in addition to another, making two. This is what makes it possible to form a chain of blocks, which is why it's called a blockchain. To add new data to the blocks, increasingly complex mathematical equations have to be performed to verify their accuracy. These equations are necessary because the amount of currency in circulation is limited.

How to use it?

First and foremost, bitcoin is considered a payment system because it is a cryptocurrency. Even if some sites or countries don't yet accept it, its use is becoming increasingly widespread. For example, you can use bitcoin to buy a Tesla car. Beyond their use as a means of payment for an item, they are mainly used as reliable financial investments. Indeed, the high volatility of cryptocurrencies means that they can generate big profits over time, but also huge losses. Moreover, thanks to their investment, some people have been able to earn billions of dollars.


The advantages are what make bitcoin so popular. Firstly, there's the security guaranteed by the blockchain technology responsible for cryptocurrencies. For investors, however, this security can be undermined if the wrong asset platform is chosen. Secondly, we have transparency, which involves cutting out intermediaries during financial transactions. The aim of bitcoin is to offer total transparency. In third place, we have transaction speed. You can buy and sell bitcoins in a matter of seconds via virtual wallets. Last but not least, investing in a digital currency such as bitcoin represents great financial opportunities for the asset holder. However, be aware that while the chances of winning are high, so are the risks of loss.


Despite the many advantages and opportunities, bitcoin also represents a big risk for the investor because it's quite volatile. For example, in 2021, precisely in November, its value reached a record high of sixty-eight thousand five hundred and thirteen dollars. Then, within the space of a year, the price fell to less than sixteen thousand dollars. When analyzed over this period, bitcoin has lost at least 75% of its usual value. So it's important to be well-informed in advance before investing too heavily in bitcoin. 

All in all, here's a bit of information about bitcoin that's sure to come in handy.