How to clean your hair?

Do you wash your hair? You might think that there is nothing easier or more banal! It's true, we do it several times a week, no doubt... However, this activity has become automatic and is not always done correctly. Let's give you some tips on how to wash your hair effectively and take care of your scalp at the same time.

Don't rush to rinse

Rinsing may not seem like a big deal. However, it is just as important as rinsing and should last even longer. If you want at-home services ,we are available.  You should rinse your hair thoroughly with clear water until it is rough. If your hair is slippery and too fine, it means that there is still shampoo residue on it. All product should be carefully removed from root to tip. For long and/or thick hair, you can lift it strand by strand and tilt it back and forth and side to side to remove any flannel. Finally, rinse the hair with cold water to give it more strength and seal in the flakes.


After washing your hair, you need to dry it. To remove the water from your hair, start by wringing it out well with your hands. Then put a towel over your head to dry it as much as possible. Be careful not to rub your hair, as you may damage the hair fibers (which are more sensitive when wet). Wrap a towel around your head and let it "soak" in water for a few minutes. Ideally, you should let your hair air dry, but you don't always have time to do this. 

The right steps

First, wash your hair to remove most of the dirt, dust and debris. Then choose a shampoo that's right for your scalp and hair type. Wet your hair with warm water and apply a small amount of shampoo to the palm of your hand. Apply it to the front of your head first, at the forehead. Take more shampoo and apply it to your temples and finally to the back of your head. Once the shampoo is evenly distributed, rub it in with your fingertips to distribute it to all areas. Gently massage the scalp in circular motions to activate circulation.