France Mila case: Four individuals arrested over death threats to a French kid

After a 'hate' message against Islam was shown online, some weeks ago, the teenagers have been hounded. The French authorities have detained about four people for threatening the kid with death. 

Four detained over threats to Mia after posting hate message 

About Four people have been arrested for allegedly making vile threats to a teenager who shared a video criticizing some aspects of Islam. Mila 18 was forced to change her schools in 2020 after a video emerged on social media where she maligned Islam.

The teenager then again shared a video post on TikTok criticizing Islam against which sent the social media into a frenzy. Every minute she was bombarded with about 35 hate messages according to her lawyer. When things got out of hand, the French online hate task force decided to wade into the case. 

The kid who goes by Mila has caused a whole issue in France has her messages against Islam has brought the various debate on how free speech is and ways to protect school kids from internet bullying. Last October, a teacher was killed near his school in Paris after showing effigies of the Prophet Mohammad in a class. 

The lawyer said Mia has gone into hiding because of threats 

Since her video showed a message in February 2020, she has gotten about 51,000 hate messages, with many still trickling in. Richard Malke, her lawyer said she is now living in secret because of this issue. Mila in her statement said Islam is a 'hate-filled religion'. Her lawyer insisted her statements weren't racist just a little vulgar, which was expected from kids. 

Many pressure groups have called on the government to do more by identifying those sending hate messages and making them pay. There have been various hashtags on social media supporting, however, there are a few who also feel her statements were wrong and needless. The accused will be charged to court next week.